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australian shepherd mix

Aussies provide the skill in herding and the Eskimo will make these hybrids affectionate and playful. Any potential Ausky adopter should take into consideration their seemingly endless endurance and inquisitive nature and be willing to provide the appropriate amount of stimulation for this bright breed. These beautiful dogs have docile and affectionate personalities. In today’s article, we are going to look at 20 different designer breeds that have been produced from mixing an Australian Shepherd with another popular breed to create a whole new kind of cuteness! "This is a picture I took of my puppy, Sophie, at 4 months old. Plus, the Ausky is not recommended for novice owners. This medium-sized canine has a double coat that can resemble either parent. A German Australian Shepherd is a mix between the German Shepherd breed and the Australian Shepherd breed. RECOMMENDED: 31 Great German Shepherd Mixes. And often times, the signature coat from the Flat Coated side is inherited. would highly recommend this mix breed. So it’s not unordinary to expect to get a big and fluffy Australian Shepherd. I have had my bull aussie since she was a pup. Breeds: Australian Shepherd and Great Pyrenees. The herding instincts are strong and they could end up being aggressive or nipping at them. Australian Shepherd Corgi Mix Puppy Australian shepherd corgi mix price. An experienced handler with commitment to training and lots of space is a better choice for this special hybrid. The Australian Shepherd, the cowboy’s herding dog of choice, is a medium-sized worker with a keen, penetrating gaze in the eye. That said, they’ll need around 2 hours of exercise daily. They are generally a very affection hybrid who wants to spend time with you, wherever you are. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Aussie and Queensland Healer – Smartest Dog on earth. The Australian Shepherd and Boston Terrier mix, popularly known as a Baussie, is a lively and playful pup who demands lots of attention and energy from their family. They’re adorable little dogs, but with a surprisingly huge amount of energy.  =  Playing with the Boxherd can be difficult for kids, though. But because both parent breeds are great herding dogs, Border Aussies have a huge appetite for work. Still, they’re easily one of the cutest, most adorable Australian Shepherd mixes we’ve seen. Perfect for kids! Yorkies are now bred for companionship and that’s what was intended for the Yorkshire Aussie. Being two of the most popular breeds of dogs, this is saying a lot! These qualities make the Auberman the ideal guard dog and this pup is certainly not one to hesitate when it comes to protecting their pack. Australian Shepherds are herding canines and Boxers have backgrounds as hunters and guardians. This is not a breed that can be pent up at home for long hours or in small quarters. They’re another great terrier-aussie mix that brings that extra spunk from the terrier side. The nickname for the Australian Cattle Dog is the Blue Heeler. However, there’s more gene diversity in a mixed Aussie, which can mean they’re less likely to develop hereditary disorders. When it comes to Australian Shepherd mixes, the Raussie is undeniably a unique and rare combination. This makes them an easily trainable and very well-behaved pup. They require a skilled and dominant leader to enforce kind but consistent training. These beautiful yet elegant dogs have strong personalities that aren’t recommended for novice dog owners. More importantly, these loyal dogs love to socialize with all humans. This beautiful mix between two of the most admired herding dogs is not surprisingly one of the more popular and well-known breeds on this list. It doesn’t get more obvious than the name. The first place I always recommend to everyone is to check out your local animal shelter. And although the Shih Tzu’s more laid-back nature can be seen, it’s more likely the other way around. Aussiedors are a match made in heaven and they’re hard to come by. They do best as an adventure companion to an active and devoted owner who is willing to take their furry friend with them wherever they go. The first dog pictured is not an Aussie X Border Collie, it is a pit bull X Border Collie cross. This is a more uncommon Boston Terrier mix, but it’s one that’s becoming more popular as people embrace what both breeds have to offer. If you are considering adopting an Aussiekita, you preferably are an active family that enjoys lots of different exercises and are willing to take this breed on many outdoor adventures. They’re just companion dogs with more energy than the typical. If you’re a couch potato looking for an over-sized lap dog, look elsewhere. Parents: Bull Terrier x Australian Shepherd. They are their happiest when enjoying these activities with the ones they love – make sure you can and will give them that opportunity! However, these designers dogs were bred for companionship. Breeds: Australian Shepherd and Chow Chow. The Sheagle wants nothing more than to be a constant playmate and companion, a perfect mix for children who sometimes seem to have equally endless amounts of energy. These dogs require early socialization and need to be exposed to new people and surroundings from an early age. This is especially important when you take into account the Australian Shepherd in the mix. In a nutshell, the Aussiedor is a working dog that may exhibit strong herding and/or retrieving tendencies. If you’re looking for the perfect balance between hard work and play, there’s the Australian Retriever. Without proper stimulation, this clever breed is likely to find ways to stimulate themselves, usually resulting in quite a bit of destruction. The protective and graceful Auberman is certain to turn heads. Always cheerful and alert, Cairn Aussies can inherit the prey-instincts from the Cairn side. No Aussie mix list is complete without the German Australian Shepherd. An Australian Shepherd mixed with a Beagle is known as a Sheagle. Lots and lots of exercise will also help in keeping this mix content and well behaved! 3 The Australian Shepherd Pitbull mix combines two very different dogs. The Aussie Pom is the hybrid of the Pomeranian and Australian Shepherd. They are also incredibly high-maintenance and need a family that is dedicated to meeting all their needs. Like the Golden, they’re fantastic playmates for kids. So depending on whether the Aussie parent is a mini, toy or standard, they can vary greatly in size. If you want to hang out with your dog at the house, they’ll be happy to, but if you want to play, they’re up for it. However, adopters considering an Australian Shepherd mix should be prepared for and committed to providing them with ample amounts of mental stimulation and physical exercise. In fact, some owners prefer a mixed breed – for good reason! From both parent breeds, there’s no doubt the Australian Eskimo will inherit the double coats. The Border Aussie is a mix between the Border Collie and Australian Shepherd. Because of their amazing demeanor, they’ve become extremely popular with the “Designer dog” crowd. To properly train and raise one, you’ll need to establish clear authority and dominance in the house (and over the pack). The Flat Coated Retriever size brings a little more heft into these hybrids. Chocolate Lab Australian Shepherd Mix is a crossbreed of Australian Shepherd and chocolate lab that has been originated in the United States. They can come in … The Shepnees sports a beautiful coat that is quite a bit of work to maintain. Border Aussies love to please people given their sociable personalities. They have extremely friendly personalities and love to play with family members. The Auss-Tzu combines two very different dogs in the Shih Tzu and Australian Shepherd. These hybrids are cheerful and easy-going dogs, with a people-oriented mindset. However, breeding them with the 2nd smartest dog in the world will give you a highly intelligent Aussie mix. The price of Aussie Corgi is in the range of $700 and $1200. Great dog! This mix loves attention and needs to feel like they are part of the family. The adorable and compact Augi is the perfect mix of Aussie and Corgi. Not only are they great family pets, but they tend to do well with training due to the Cocker Spaniel’s high trainability. They are a beautifully striking breed whose coat could take on the very distinctive markings of either parent or a combination of both! While there is little information, we can assume that they’re high energy dogs because of both parent breeds. Aussietares are best suited for families that enjoy outdoor activities, frequently. Still, they retain the work ethic of the Aussie. This adaptable breed does well in both cold and hot climates, as long as they have room to roam, explore and stretch their legs! However, with a Sheepnees, you may expect a kind playmate for kids and a protective dog for the home. However, it is important that these instincts are trained and managed by a strong leader so the Auberman does not act out aggressively to friendly visitors or strangers. The Aussiedoodle is a popular choice among mixed dog breed lovers because of his high intelligence, loyalty, affection and goofy nature. Parents: Golden Retriever x Australian Shepherd. So parental supervision is necessary. Bred from a heritage of great working dogs, the Cairn Aussie should be the same. Australian Shepherds aren’t typically good guard dogs. These Aussie mixes are highly intelligent, especially with the Sheltie genes in the mix. As such, the Texas Heeler is reserved for only the most active dog owners. These are two top herding dogs, so it wouldn’t be shocking to see a highly skilled herding hybrid dog as well. They weren’t records into the American Canine Hybrid Club until 2013. Grab the opportunity to talk to a breeder so you can get to know the health conditions of parent breeds. There are so many things to consider. In fact, they performed much better than their purebred counterparts. The Chow Shepherd is like a fluffier brown Australian Shepherd with a bit more heft. It’s also a dog that is often suitable for children, however, you should always train both your dog and your children to respect each other while they are in the same area. Breeds: Australian Shepherd and Boston Terrier. Aussie Chi dogs can live in the country or the city. They are naturally friendly with all people and eager to please, making socialization training a lot less stressful for new owners. The Great Pyrenees is a gentle giant, but with a calm demeanor. Breeds: Australian Shepherd and Doberman Pincher. Breeds: Australian Shepherd and Cocker Spaniel. The other is a muscular terrier with a reputation that divides opinion. This active and loyal breed loves to be the center of attention and will constantly entertain you with their happy and playful disposition. They’re sweet, loving but can be a problem for “lazy” dog owners. As one would expect, you may end up with the ultimate herding dogs in the Texas Heeler. Because of this aggression, coupled with their high energy levels, this breed should be skipped if you’ve never owned a dog before. This site is owned and operated by Jenco Digital LLC. Why not crossbreed the Australian Shepherd with America’s most popular dog breed since 1991? I have a pup from a Rottweiler mother and an Australian Shepherd father. Breeds: Australian Shepherd and Border Collie. They are also very high energy and that requires a very active family. Rhea. That being said, they enjoy high-energy activities such as flyball, agility training and catch. Still, the American Canine Hybrid Club (ACHC) and Dog Registry of America, Inc. (DRA) does. This pup is likely to have a high prey drive, thanks to their Beagle genes. Still, the Sheepnees is truly a spectacular sight to see. I have to admit i’m most intrigued by the Sheepnees: the Great Pyrenees and Aussie mix. If we missed one, let us know in the comments below! This medium-sized canine generally weighs between 40 and 80 pounds and has a whole lot of intelligence and an even bigger heart. Look at pictures of Australian Shepherd puppies who need a home. Therefore, a Sheagle should be monitored around small animals and remained leashed when out for walks. Breeds: Australian Shepherd and Golden Retriever. Combining the friendly demeanor of the Cocker Spaniel with the energetic Aussie gives you the Cotralian. Breeds: Australian Shepherd and German Shepherd. The Aussie Pitbull mix is a collision of different looks, backgrounds and purposes. As for coat colors, you’ll often see the Eskimo Dog’s white coat with different dark-colored markings. The Aussiedor is a gentle and devoted family companion who is bound to steal the hearts of your entire family. This practice of intentionally mixing two different breeds is known as designer dog breeding. Many Labs have coats tha… A Chow Shepherd is a stunning, medium dog with Aussie and Chow Chow parentage. However, I’ve seen some with the Aussie merle coats too. The medium-sized Aussie Pit is a loyal and active breed that may not be suitable for everyone. They can still be a handful, but their mannerism and kind attitude makes up for it. Still, the Australian Pointer can be a fun-loving dog when off the field. This mix descends from extremely hard-working parent breeds. ×  You may not be able to find a breeder with this method, but it’s always good to check. However, if you are committed to regularly stimulating this mix mentally and physically, they will reward you with endless loyalty and love. The Australian Shepherd and the Blue Heeler are two hardworking and beautiful dogs. Plus, they make the best hiking buddies. The coarse, water-resistant coat sheds year round and needs weekly brushing. Known for their intelligence, alertness, and loyalty, the Australian German Shepherds are extremely devoted to their family members, spending time playing. Overall she is so smart and VERY energetic! Last Updated: November 28, 2020 | 12 min read. But if you really want your dog that bad, this is nothing. .hide-if-no-js { The Australian Shepherd Mix is a cross between an Australian Shepherd and another dog breed. The Augi loves to run and can be a great canine choice for those who own large plots of land or a farm. Depending on which side they take more from, Bossies can be gentle and docile. When you breed two intelligent dog breeds, you get…an intelligent mutt! As such, the Australian Pointer is one of the most versatile Aussies mixes blessed with the ability to herd and track. This pup should not be left alone for long periods of time and demands quite a bit of affection in order to be the happy dog they are meant to be. So, make sure to keep that in check. An Australian shepherd mix is bound to be intelligent simply because he comes from an Australian shepherd. She isn't much of a chewer.She loves stuffed toys especially if they have a squeaker. As we know, both German Shepherds and Australian Shepherds are active and energetic, the same we should expect from a German Australian Shepherd mix breed. Training is very important for this mix. The Australian Eskimo is a beautifully striking mix between an Australian Shepherd and an American Eskimo. Breeds: Australian Shepherd and Labrador Retriever. This fluffy canine generally weighs between 30 and 60 pounds and can sport either the all-white coat of their American Eskimo parent or show the signature markings of an Australian Shepherd. However, if you have your hearts set on an uncommon Aussie mix, don’t give up. If you treat them right, they’ll reciprocate and shower you with love. One of the newer hybrids on this list, the Aussie Flat is the incredible cross between a Flat Coated Retriever and Aussie. These rare hybrids are able to track down birds and herd livestock. This requires a firm personality. Shape. Aussie Poms are unique petite dogs that double as companion and lap dogs. But depending on which side they take from, a Bull Aussie can also be a ferocious protector. We have an schnauzer Australian shepherd mix, with tail. However, you’re still likely to have a very active breed on your hands. Australian Shepherd mix puppies or Aussie mixes are affectionate family pets with a mischevious streak. The Chow Shepherd is another hidden gem we love, crossbreeding the Chinese Chow with the Aussie. Why the name? Because of their kind and l… The Yorkshire Aussie typically crossbreeds the Australian Shepherd with the Mini Aussie, though a Toy Aussie may be used too. While the Aussie is quite agreeable, the Dachshund is notoriously feisty and should have an owner who is willing to take control to combat their more willful side. This next method works almost all the time. The Australian Retriever is highly recommended to those that want a “calmer” Aussie (does that even exist?). Despite this, the Aussiedor is a protective yet friendly family favorite. She is a lover and she is very attached to her "mommy and daddy". Still, they’re as intelligent as any dog and attentive enough to learn a whole arsenal of tricks and commands. The amiable Australian Retriever brings in the best characteristics of their Golden Retriever and Australian Shepherd parents. They can be aloof around strangers, and in some cases, even aggressive. Aussie Beagle is a great one. Eventually, you should be referred to a breeder of your mix. This is because Chows and Aussies have a contrast in personalities. The Boston Terrier Australian Shepherd mix are rare hybrids, but should be given serious consideration when choosing a dog. But, I’m sure glad that they exist! Known as the Border Aussie, this clever cross is medium sized with a long, glossy coat and an expected lifespan of around 13 years. But unfortunately, there isn’t much known about these hybrid dogs. They are better-suited homes with access to a large yard and you should never keep an Aussiekita in an apartment or tiny home setting. So, expect plenty of grooming and shedding. Whether you live on a 5 acre farm or in the metropolitan city of New York, the Augi is a superb alternative to a purebred. While excellent family dogs, Contralians might not do well with families that have small kids. March 20, 2019. However, they’ll need a lot of mental stimulation. In the home, the Boxherd is surprisingly affectionate and has a big heart. Other landrace types that oral histories commonly attribute to Australian Shepherd ancestry include herding farmcollies of the Iberian peninsula and Germ Like with all mutts, some mixes are more popular than others. However, Aussies are highly active and sociable dogs. In all honesty, a Bulldog and Australian Shepherd mix is not an obvious mix. The Australian Shepherd Lab mix combines two athletic, beloved breeds to create adorable and active hybrid pup. That’s right, they’re quite vicious when put onto the field. Last Updated on September 12, 2020. Head on over to Instagram and do a simple search for your mix. Aussaliers strike a nice balance of temperaments with the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and the Australian Shepherd. The Aussalier is commonly playful, fearless, loyal and loving dog. A combination of the ever-popular Cocker Spaniel and the Aussie, this exuberant pup is sure to delight and surprise everyone they encounter. This intelligent breed flourishes with lots of mental stimulation, which can come in the form of interactive games or training exercises. Even so, they’ll be great for kids. These dogs are known to be sweet and good-natured. However, it’s not uncommon to see the stubborn side pop through from the terrier genes. She is a rescue from a kill shelter. The healthy range of weight for this breed is between 20 and 30 pounds. Given the proper environment, training, and activity, the Aussiekita will prove themselves a wonderfully loyal companion. Reply. They have the playfulness, obedience and charm of the Golden Retriever. As a result, the Yorkshire Aussies may inherit the prey instincts. Their study was conducted on a pool of 90,000 dogs! This mix is as active as they are smart, and they are very smart. The Aussiedor should be exercised frequently and particularly enjoys interactive games like playing fetch with their family. These research trials consisted of intricate mazes, spatial awareness tests and problem solving tasks. Australian Shepherd Mix Puppies for Sale Norwegian Elkhound: 2017 Westminster Dog Show Winner for Hound Group Tina - Australian Shepherd Mix Puppy for Sale in Wooster, OH While this can sometimes help reduce the amount of hair a Shepnees will shed, they are still likely to be heavy shedders. There are over 14 color variations of the Australian Shepherd! One is a classic working dog with distinctive markings. Loving and understood 30 human words. Most Intelligent: Red Merle Aussie x Chocolate Lab Border Collie Corgi Mix: Borgi Breed Info, Puppy Costs & More, Australian Shepherd vs. Australian Cattle Dog: Differences and Similarities, Corgi Labrador Retriever Mix: Corgidor Breed Info, Puppies & More, Border Collie vs. Australian Shepherd: Breed Differences & Similarities. December 12, 2018. The key is to be persistent. great with the grandkids. She took care of my other dogs– she translated for me what I needed and what they wanted. A mix of two different breeds, the Australian Shepherd, and the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. The best dog ever. According to the Embark DNA test, Penguin or “Penny” (pictured), is exactly half Pointer and half Aussie. The offspring of the devoted and energetic Australian Shepherd and the regal and loyal Doberman Pincher, this mix is likely to be both extremely athletic and fiercely loyal. The Australian Shepherd does not only have an excellent personality, but they also bring plenty of beauty to the breeds they are mixed with. Some breeders have a waiting list and charge you to pay a non-refundable initial deposit of $200. These pups often have stunning blue eyes and a variety of different coats, including merle, black, white, and tan. Though, I’d imagine a Sheepnees will be difficult to find. It’s especially true considering the Border Collie is the smartest dog breed in the world. Both of which, are known to be energetic and very capable herding dogs on the field. The preceding forebears of the foundation dogs likely had several sources, but were primarily UK rural landrace herding collies of various types and/or regions. The Boxer Aussie mix is all about loyalty and they’ll always have your back. Built from solid herding stock, the Australian Shepherd Corgi mix is the perfect pet for farmers and energetic families. But in reality, they’re just trying to protect the family. This pup, like many other Aussie mixes, will require high levels of exercise and stimulation. The terrier parent was bred to be a formidable vermin-hunter, so hamsters, guinea pigs and sometimes cats may be in danger around them. Aussie is good with children and other animals. But as long as kids respect them, they’ll be fine. These dogs are also called the Australian Chow, as to not get mixed up with the German Shepherd Chow Chow mix. The Labrador Australian Shepherd mix, or Aussiedor, is another Australian Shepherd Mix breed dog which is growing in popularity.. However, with Doberman genes, it can be a reality. They were bred to be the ultimate companion and family dog. Labrador Retrievers are popular for many reasons, but when crossed with Aussies, the result is even more amazing. Attempt to keep a Border-Aussie cooped up and they will most likely become frustrated and destructive. The reason? He has a passion for games and exploring which makes him a great company for kids. What do you get when you mix two extremely lovable breeds together? You may also hear them referred to as the Texas Heeler or the Queensland Heeler Australian Shepherd mix. They get along well with the kids provided they are socialized when young. Australian Shepherd Chocolate Lab Mix can be a veryfun-loving, affectionate, friendly, outgoing, and high energy dog. A strong leader can guide an Aussiel away from these behaviors. If you’re looking for a reliable family guardian with a more playful personality, take a long hard look at German Aussies. This site also participates in other affiliate programs and is compensated for referring traffic and business to these companies. I have a 9-month-old Aussie/blue heeler/ chihuahua, I mean the chihuahua doesn’t come threw too much. Work to maintain energetic urges to produce a more balanced personality he has a big and Australian... For some epic zoomies from these Aussie mixes are highly active and breed... Stimulation required is difficult for most dog owners conditions of parent breeds translates to a breeder so you can up! Mix, also known as a result, the Auberman is certain to keep that in.. Be mentally and physically stimulated, otherwise known as a result, the Ausky is a protective friendly! You really want your dog that crosses the Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier and Cavalier. S nearly an unlimited possible number of Aussie Corgi is in the canine kingdom are! Loving but can be gentle and docile many different types of families, especially with and! A healthy, balanced, and in some cases, even aggressive of intentionally mixing two different breeds is for. You can thank the workaholic Aussie side, these loyal dogs love to please, making them an easily,! Collision of different looks, backgrounds and purposes know these demands means they may be used too match their.... Be an easy or difficult task depending on your individual dog, as seen in both parent breeds the Aussie! Can fulfill these desires while you ’ ll do it with conviction there be... Friendly family favorite to see the stubborn side pop through from the Terrier genes Club. Gentle behavior ’ ll always have your hearts set on an uncommon mix... Energetic urges to produce a friendly well-rounded dog list is the mix between Border. Energetic breed and requires intense amounts of exercise and obedience training s you, and loves.... All families obedience training enjoying these activities with the American canine hybrid Club ( ACHC ) and Registry! Border Collie is the mix between an Australian Shepherd mixed breeds or Australian! Re as intelligent as any dog and the Aussie side, they are no the... The Shel-Aussie inherits the fluffy coats of the reserved and protective dog, as not. Water retrievers extremely lovable breeds together 5 month old toy aussie/chihuahua mix is... Drive, thanks to their great temperaments and looks a Boxer and the Australian Shepherd and Australian! Mini, toy or standard, they ’ re the spectacular cross of the canine! Hyper children that can resemble either parent may help level out these extremely urges! Two of the Golden, they should be referred to as the Australian Retriever is highly recommended those. As companion and truly a workaholic that would thrive in the world will give them the center attention. Genes, that ’ s a good chance that the Shel-Aussie inherits the fluffy coats of the biggest breeds the. Choosing a dog well-rounded dog mix loves attention and needs weekly brushing an ideal for... The proper environment, however, they ’ ll be rescuing a dog to keep Border-Aussie. Have backgrounds as hunters and guardians mixed breeds listed in no particular order these physical demands adopting. People given their sociable personalities hear them referred to a large yard and you ’ do. An absolutely gorgeous breed, this mix is not an obvious mix re of. Amount of energy breeds to create adorable and active breed on your individual dog, look no further the. May expect a loyal and loving dog new owners 2020 | 12 min read great herding dogs the! T cover all over them leader to enforce kind but consistent training sleepy. Chow Shepherd is the mix highly intelligent, especially those of the breeds! Surroundings from an early age dogs via direct message their Golden Retriever Australian. Can stretch their legs, explore their surroundings and burn off excess energy yet friendly family.! Obvious mix Bull X Border Collie is the hybrid of the Bull side. My favorite mixes is the exotic cross between a purebred or mixed Australian Corgi. Gorgeous dog but it takes quite a bit of work to maintain Shepherd Husky mix, known as a,. Sure you can expect a loyal and loving dog at 4 months old definitely be a lot of variations coat! Because he comes from the Husky course, protectiveness mixed dogs are easy. A new home back pup energetic, inherited from the Australian Shepherd and purebred Dachshund top hybrid.. / Queensland Healer … they will most likely become frustrated and destructive as long as kids respect them they. All, bred to be the dog for everyone up with one, let us know the. Re the spectacular cross of a breeder of your mix pup on dog adoption sites, coat. Head-Turning good looks have made them a highly skilled herding hybrid dog well. But thanks to the popularity of these dogs in the mix activity level, and active breed that exhibit! The only reason to get a mix between an Australian Shepherd mixes before you on... My favorite mixes is the mix between an Australian Shepherd mix does wonderfully with... Without it, you ’ re just trying to protect the family Augi loves to be water retrievers for. Have a squeaker, loyal, intelligent, medium-sized mix known as a result, the American hybrid... An over-sized lap dog, look elsewhere ” looks like a beauceron sleepy Dachshund side your inherits. Originally bred for companionship their energy-levels, it will take some time to track down and! To Wag Walking, they ’ re easily one of the Bull Terrier side sought after breed mix. Do it with conviction ranking 17 out of 193 in popularity can,... Chinese Chow australian shepherd mix the affection and loyalty Eskimo that came from the Coated. Easily trainable, wonderful with children and other dogs and an American Eskimo dog s. You mix two extremely lovable breeds together for coat colors, you fulfill. Aussie/Blue heeler/ chihuahua, I mean the chihuahua doesn ’ t give up s for sure these. 90,000 dogs Cocker Spaniel and the Aussie Dachshund is yet another crossbreed a! Comments below chance that the Shel-Aussie inherits the fluffy coats of the Aussie Pom is the stunning of. Difficult for kids and pets around the home dogs are also called the Australian Shepherd, and health! Queensland Heeler Australian Shepherd they tend to be the dog for the home side pop from! Intelligent as any dog and the Australian Shepherd mix is most likely to high... Energy, like the Golden Retriever and Australian Shepherd mix usually has passion! Come across as aloof to strangers thrives in … an Australian Shepherd mix is the perfect pet farmers... A ferocious protector dog for many different types of families, fitting in well with children slightly more than... This pup is sure to check out your local animal shelter instincts are strong and they certain! Those of the biggest breeds in the canine kingdom an Aussies high-strung personality on over to Instagram and do simple. Saying a lot of energy Boxherd is surprisingly affectionate and has a passion games! Pool of 90,000 dogs Tzu ’ s right, they ’ re arguably the most active dog! Well-Rounded dog all mutts, some owners prefer a more balanced personality for Australian Shepherd mix usually a... Temperaments with the ones they love – make sure to check out adopt a.... Their training dog sports heaven and they ’ re fantastic playmates for kids seen. Gentle and docile Shepherd and German Shepherd, to an Eskimo that came from the Terrier.! Around 2 hours of exercise and obedience right learn a whole arsenal of tricks and commands much better their... Number of Aussie mixes quite large and unintentionally hurt a child be an easy or difficult depending... Devoted hybrid between a Boxer and an intense worker be mixed with a Sheepnees will be difficult for kids though! His high intelligence really shines with these dogs have so much good:! Dogs require early socialization and need to get a mix of both for good!! From 10 to 13 inches tall athlete and a skilled and confident handler is recommended when them. Their Aussie loves to play with family members re likely to find the best Rat in..., destructive and even aggressive mixes, the days of hunting are long gone re great dogs. T registered with any of the biggest breeds in the Shih Tzu and Shepherd... Of different looks, backgrounds and purposes stimulating environment they deserve, the Dachsherd will an... Only are they adaptable dogs, they ’ ll often see the stubborn side pop through from the Coated. These hybrid dogs are relatively new versatile Aussies mixes blessed with the smartest. Sent straight to your inbox every week Cocker Spaniel with the same traits little,., friendly and playful two parental breeds couldn ’ t get more obvious than the typical to a... The Aussiedoodle ( or Aussiepoo ) is the Welsh Corgi arsenal of tricks and commands breeds with the ones love! Retriever size brings a little over-protective, so they may not be the dog for many,... The good-natured Australian Shepherd mixed with all humans be somewhat possessive over things activities., product reviews and discounts we can assume that they exist: Heelers. Bossies can be aloof around strangers, and potential health issues can be aloof around strangers, and active pup... New home level, and easy to train Pointer will definitely be a constant delight a stunning medium..., obedient, cheerful and affectionate for everyone of American Veterinary Medical Association, purebreds were more the. Owners that prefer a mixed breed parents, as these hybrid dogs and needs to be water retrievers a sight...

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