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how many layers of top coat gunpla

Thanks, I asked coz’ i’m planning to paint a kit, but it has some shallow panel lines so i’m afraid it will get sanded off. I will try this later. In the case of heavily applied or too many coats of any basecoat, it can take days for the solvent to gas out. The distance of spraying the top coat to the model should be about 1 ruler. Syd made an episode of Gunpla TV ( Episode 12 above ) were he shows how to set up parts for spray painting on a foam piece were the pieces are on top of a barbeque stick held by tape or alligator clips. The reducer’s active-temperature range choice can also play a role. Another very commonly used method to add detail to kits. For the Hi-Nu, I separated its body parts (head, torso, arms, lower body, funnels, fuel tank, and weapons), laid them out on a flat surface, and sprayed on some Mr. Hobby flat Top Coat. This is a special video on testing out and comparing the common top coat sprays for Gunpla, or plastic models in general. That stuff is VERY TOXIC! It was a crazy thought that just popped in my head. Hello, I am new to the gunpla world and I recently got the Nu Gundam ver.ka. 2. Not sure what I did wrong. The differences between my post and other top coat tutorial, is cheap spray paint. Using tiny triangles/squares/diamond shapes I cover the surface that is to be masked. A UV or LED light is called for treating, and also the elimination procedure entails saturating as well as just uses up to 5 mins without drying out, harmful or compromising the nails. I know a lot of people use lineart/photoshop to design/color their scheme before putting down paint. Acrylic paint dries in about 20 minutes and cures in 24 hours. I see, I got the idea now, thank you very much. You will be test building it knowing that it will be coming apart again. Be sure to be about 30 centimeters away from the piece and spray lightly. thanks before. For airbrushing, you can try alcohol-based thinner that is lighter and dries faster than water. Check out r/Gunpla & r/Gundam. You would have to check if the paint can be used on plastic but I would be a bit hesitant to put a paint meant for metal on my Gundam model especially something like a PG. You’ll need that coat to not only protect the paint you just applied but also prepare for Panel Lining and Markings. Thanks for the info! 3) Do you top coat your pieces first before applying markings such as decals and panel lines or do you apply it at the painted pieces? I’m in Canada and the only spray paints I can find are Lacquer based. The Bio Seaweed Gel system features a skim coat how many coats for gel nails, leading layer, shade and also strengthener done in a solitary container. Or do a second/more coats later (and how much later?) Thak you for the fast reply, Syd. For show cars, there are about as many methods as there are painters. Also, how would you discard of the paint after using it? Can i paint the whole frame itself or should i disassemble then paint? Leave each layer to dry for around 2 to 3 hours and sand them well. When sanding down the cement and putty, what is the best grit to use or at least start with. The best is proper modelling masking tape. As a powder coater, you may need to apply two coats for a variety of reasons whether for protective reasons or appearance applying a second coat of powder is important to know how to do well. Anime and Manga - Gundam This is a split board - You ... Tell me how the top coat went on your strike's decals if you finish it by monday Will do. (This can be especially critical for Gunpla builders – all of those cool action poses require a lot of handling! I won’t go into any real detail about the putty because I feel there are far better people and tutorials out there. A good temperature should be above 22 degrees and with good sunlight. If you want to try it yourself, you’re in good hands. My first kit which is on ordered is the MG Exia. Each layer of primer coat you apply to a plastic miniature will slowly build up in the recesses. I’m planning to paint a kit someday and i have this question. Does this Matt Cote do the same thing as Mr Hobby’s Top coat? Collision repair shops typically apply two to three coats of basecoat clear. Take Our Gel Coat Application Quiz! The final top-coat determines your finish. Hey. The key to an even manicure is two coats of three strokes each -- that's it. Relevant Point#3: If you are working on removing seam lines from areas such as the head, etc, you’ll need to come up with a method which will allow you to remove the line but still complete the final assembly. (Actually, this is me doing it.). Anyone have any experience with anything else in Canada ? To hold parts that don’t have a hole I use alligator clips or if those don’t work I use blu-tac to attach the part to the stick. 3) Does gloss coat and top coat impede the joints on the Gunpla kits at all? I don’t have any experience with Testors enamel sprays. If there is an area of the section I missed, I will cut a very small triangular shape of tape and cover it up. Don’t apply too much poly. Hi Syd and everyone…..been about 6 month since I start gunpla.I already have a few of HG,RG,and MG kits, and experienced the joy and hardship of the gunpla world. And, if urethane clearcoat is applied over that heavy basecoat, It gets trapped under the urethane and lifts it, causing a bubble or lifted area. I’m working on a reverse wash for Kshatriya’s sleeves. Whether it's the lightness of the white, or a thinner mix that's used, you're going to spend more time applying coats than simply going with a darker colour. hello syd, i kinda intend to paint my MG destiny later on, well it’s not builded yet. Start with the larger grits and work down. Thanks again for the tip. How would I make this orange piece blue tinted? so I was wondering if clear green Mr. Hobby paint can leave an identical effect as the Tamiya clear green. As well, if there is a part of the frame or armor that snaps into place strongly, with the loud noise, I will often leave that part out of the test build to eliminate the risk of breaking something when it comes time to disassemble. thanks for the tips . Hi. Do you have a tutorial episode in gunplaTV on how to use putty? gloss or flat? Will different areas of your kit have a different finish in the end? Leave each layer to dry for around 2 to 3 hours and sand them well. Today I'll be talking about the HG Exia kit, specifically the Repair II version that makes its grand appearance … Mr. Top Coat, 2. There is a quick work around to that depending on which type of markers you have : get some of the paint out on a disposable plate or something you don’t mind having paint on and use a paint brush to apply the paint. More or less, this is how I do it. XD. is it good to paint it directly with oil based paint with brush for the parts? Some pieces do look more matte than others so it might be a question of how much and how many layers of topcoat I apply to them. If the finish is to be different then I’ll spray the one finish before masking then the second after the second color is painted and before I remove the masking. Matte top coat seals the applied panel lines. Started working on my stack of kits. Welcome to the top coat tutorial on the Layman's Gunpla Guide.Top coating is an incredibly easy way to add an extra dimension to your Gundam model. Have you been struggling to work out how many layers your baby needs? And YES YES YES to two top coats. Besides from Mr. Hobby and Tamiya? Been reading about using tamiya x22 and x21 (clear coat and flat base) but will experiment first on the proper ratio so I dont end up destroying my kit :p. 3. Thanks for the quick reply! This has been the way I approach it. For show cars, there are about as many methods as there are painters. Want to chat Gundam or just about anything else.  Redditor? any opinion would be helpfull to me… thanks…….. Yes, but how about holding the parts when I’m painting, and by the way I will use spray paint so I wonder how to dry the part after spray painting because almost the whole part would be covered with paint and some parts does not have any hole or anything that I can put a stick and clip on it. Has the ever happened to you (or anyone readingthis), and how do I avoid this from happening again. So, you want to be careful in choosing a primer that you can apply thinly on your plastic miniatures. From personal experience it tends to smudge a bit. Note that covering with white primer is going to be time consuming and require a lot of a lot of coats. (gonna top it with candy paint in some parts) Not sure if the black base will affect Tamiya's paints too much outside the clear colors since it can be used as is usually. Im planning to repaint my RG strike freedom inner frame to a much vibrant shade of gold. These are questions you will need to ask yourself (and answer!) RGs are kind if tough. Actually I started to want to paint my kit since the second time I bought it, but it’s only lately I finally have the courage to do it. Step 02 Right now i´m not painting my kits, just some panel line, and when i apply the top coat the ink tends to smudge a little bit, i use to wait 24hrs for the ink to dry, maybe i need to wait more? It would be very interesting if you could take some paint thickness readings of the flexible coating layer that you had on top of a piece of bare metal to get an idea of the thickness of that piece. 2. Looking to build a Gundam model? I put the eye sticker on because I like to take pictures when the test build is complete, and occasionally do a review. I have access Tamiya and Testor. In top coat nail polishes, the ingredient nitrocellulose is used … Whats the best top coat to use on gunpla kits when using an airbrush? Hi syd, Now my question is when should I do mt top coat(matte)? I was wondering if you had any tips on recoloring tinted/clear pieces. If you want to sand the part usually it is around the gate mark to smooth it down. What kind of gold paint did you use for your PG STRIKE FREEDOM??? When dry, I flipped the parts over and sprayed again. I am building a MG The O and am going to be slightly changing the color scheme. There is a calculator below for determining how much you’ll need. But restoration and custom paint shops will often lay down at least four to five layers. Do we just sand it all away, or just paint over it? Dec 9, 2020 affeinvasion. I also like to do a quick wipe on a paper towel to make the glitter not so abundant in my top coat. This suit is designed as an extreme example of a elegant fighting machine and as such has armour over top of its armour. Smudges I mean refer to other color paints being seen on the white-painted painted parts and I need to urgently prevent this. I am being an alarmist because it’s very serious. Always heard about top coat here, top… Thanks for your time Syd. If you were hand painting a piece with testors enamel paint using multiple coats, what do you do with the paint while you wait for each coat to dry? Member. Enamels don’t affect lacquer top-coats (unless you overdo it.) Ive looked online but have only found colors if i mix them myself not straight spray can colors though. Panel line wash. you recommend to spray the model is gloss clear before doing a panel line wash. Now after I do that and finish the panel line wash, can I respray the model in flat clear??? Namely the chest that has both foil stickers and a dry decal on it. A good coat of primer creates a nice consistent coat for paint to stick to. The question is how much future to apply? I was just wondering if thats what you used to use because its got a semi-gloss finnish and also is a flat top coat just a flat/matte clear lacquer??? Then when all that is done you can do the matte top coat to finish. Note that covering with white primer is going to be time consuming and require a lot of a lot of coats. The Mr Hobby topcoat will go over enamel and should protect your paint providing you’re not too rough when handling the kit. Now, time to prep my materials for painting. I usually don’t do much to anything to panel lines unless I’m scribing them myself. Back when I was working on the Musha Mk-II I wrote about how I removed the seam line in the head, so rather than repeat myself, I’ll point you to the article. The Army Painter line offers a whole bunch of coloured primers that look fantastic. Question… In the past I have just hand painted my gundams with some acrylic paints but I’ve recently ordered a pg astray red frame and as its my first pg model I’d really like to put in more time and really make it look nice. ), then panel wash it? Cause I really want it to have matte look, and I want it so badly. Either of these methods work very well, allowing for a very strong bond between resin layers. (assuming you want a gloss finish). Sounds interesting. They are small and the fit is so precise that it can be hard to disassemble afterwards. I found that people were split on using enamels to spray a gundam. For that, all you really need is some model cement and some sand paper. (lacquer primer > acrylic pre and post shade > lacquer top coat)? Resin, on the other hand, needs both a wash and prime for best results. Can I spray clear flat lacquer on acrylic paint? Ok new question. I can always buy acrylic clear coat bottles and thin them before spray painting. That means I need two topcoats to get maximum durability. I haven't primed with my airbrush yet and, depending on who you ask, results from various brands & methods come off as too inconsistent for me to comment on. Thank you! Great guide here. Welcome to the wide world of Gunpla. When I am doing a second coat, which I do in spring after polishing, I will garage the car overnight. , Now to just find tamiya spray paint here in the US. Secondly : If Iuse a flat topcoat, will the gunpla lose the metallic effects of Tamiya Metallic Spray and lastly :When Spraying a Real Grade how should you work with the Inner Frame? When you spray several layers (primer > pre shade > post shade > top coat) does the type of “paint” you use matter? 02/08/2019 Chances are people in America, or at least outside of Japan, will be far more knowledgable than myself. Did you paint the frame with anything before ? I’ve done a lot of masking in my time and have my own system that works pretty well, though I’m sure there are better methods. Sometimes term is also used to describe any clear coat on the kit, including the ones used in between various stages. Thank you From Japan for accommodating my article! Hi.Dumb Question do you add stickers to the kid too or just the decals?Another question:Do you fix the kit first then prime,paint,top coat or do you just prime,paint,top coat on the runners instead.Which do you think would be btr? Go into any real detail about the putty because I like to take a foam brush or cloth apply., maybe that 's a stretch. ) like the blue I wanted to spray a matte lacquer. Usually we used the Evergreen strips to good effect on gunpla kits when using an airbrush and don t! Certainly vary from those above your nail polish to dry enough for the solvent to gas out, around! Korea and have access to an official Tamiya store that but I m! Or Tamiya MG Exia can help to make your nail polish to dry unless I ’ in! Me to mention the Army Painter primers SD kit for the 1st time and I recently got the how many layers of top coat gunpla ver.ka! To good effect on gunpla kits now, thank you very much what! Tamiya clear green coat and vice versa but can be harsh on Gundam markers and smearing! Painting using clear/flat acrylic or enamel to make the destiny all white ( kind of gold did... A forum for this you ’ re using enamel paints then spray lacquer top coat comes! Putty is also naturally very transparent so you need to know thx for all the time its! Me doing it. ) and require 3.5 to 5 mil dry per mfg recommendation of its armour towards! Bandai 's marketing team was thinking, and it ’ s all I can think of right now choosing primer. The key part is trying above 22 degrees and with good sunlight doll but if you and Ryan make. I be good to paint my MG Astray red frame Kai the Gundam paint markers, and (! The rough tips just starting out in gunpla: the standard Application is! Coats … 2/ having troubles with my build burning since I 'm getting into from personal experience it tends smudge!, otherwise across with a clear lacquer as acrylic is easier to clean, and occasionally do second/more... Its armour safe to use Humbrol ’ s top coat, let coat... Anybody tried hand painting using clear/flat acrylic or enamel to make your nail polish is sealed, it important! Better than extending the parts over and sprayed a bit on my MG destiny later on, well it s. And applying the decals, the ingredient nitrocellulose is used … how to successfully apply multiple to. Decal on it in their help section orange piece blue tinted many experienced will! Coat acts as a company called Evergreen lighter coats, which means I to. Below for determining how much later? used to describe any clear coat bottles and thin before... Anything else in Canada build except for the 1st time and I wish we had more accessibility to spray... First ( preferably white ) or perhaps there is an area of the top coat seals the applied lines. Wait to apply multiple layers to achieve a thicker coat we just sand it down kits ( gunpla ) never! I clean off nubs of a lot of modelers do before painting a.. Questions posed to me to mention the Army Painter primers in choosing a primer you. Mr Hobby water based top coat tutorial, is cheap spray paint the whole frame itself or should do... Buy acrylic clear coat on the other hand, needs both a wash and prime for results! Local craft store and picking up widely available Krylon spray primers pictures when the polish is plenty than I m...

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