" sign are interpreted as comments by RMarkdown. Thanks for your patience while we work to update the book, and please stay tuned for the revised version! The final features, at least as implemented in blogdown version 0.5.7 are:. https://github.com/rstudio/bookdown. save. For any R Markdown documents (not specific to blogdown), you have to specify an output format. 13. With bookdown you can write your manuscript in R-Markdown (.Rmd vs .md) and publish it as a website online. Of course, the output format for websites should be HTML. I often see many blog posts written in MD files based on what I see from GitHub repositories, but I also saw a blogpost on the bookdown website suggesting that it's better to go with rmd, so I'm a bit confused. An additional yet important benefit of using R Markdown is that you will be able to write technical documents easily, due to the fact that blogdown inherits the HTML output format from bookdown (Xie 2016). R Markdown gives you the benefits of dynamic documents — all your results, such as tables, graphics, and inline values, can be computed and rendered dynamically from R code, hence the results you present on your website are more likely to be reproducible. For example, it is possible to write LaTeX math equations, citations, and … If you are not familiar with R Markdown, please see Appendix A for a quick tutorial. We will not repeat the details in this book, but list the features briefly below, which are also demonstrated on the example website https://blogdown-demo.rbind.io. However, you can still embed R code in plain Markdown using the syntax for fenced code blocks ```r (note there are no curly braces {}). We're teaching a (masters) university course which relies heavily on R. Until now, we've been using bookdown to merge all the course materials (assignments, demo scripts, tasks and solutions) into a single object / course handout. We have provided an output format function blogdown::html_page in blogdown, and all R Markdown files are rendered using this format. HTML widgets, and Shiny apps embedded via